Your Worst Nightmare Verse (Doppelganger VS Doppelganger) Plot

After opening the veil Bonnie had no power and fainted - the veil remained open and thousands of  supernatural creatures were set free and ready to destroy this world. Rules get set up to prevent the world from falling into pieces. An old legend gets revealed after Caroline encounters the painful truth of being a doppelganger herself, after finding Cassia, one of the first immortals. originating from Silas’ village in greece. Alongside with Silas and others they rule this world with their powers and represent death and despair - the first immortals.

Unfortunately for them Qetsiyah had other plans and her love to the Alpha of the enemy pack would be their demise. She set them up and lured them to holy ground, trapping them on the others side until every last doppelganger would die. But every spell has a loophole and Silas figured out how to escape.

About the myth

Silas was born into a destroyed and hateful world in greece — everything fell into despair and hate, originating from the travellers and an unknown race, with sharp claws and fangs, later revealed to be werewolves. He protected his family and friends and everyone who wanted to join him and created the immortality spell. Now, 2000 years later, every 500 years a doppelganger comes worth to break the other site and set them free, leaving the world in true chaos and new mysteries come worth.


  • Be active, that and always be kind to one another
  • Plot with the others aswell, there are no limits
  • The muns will have to be okay with NSFW content and other trigges (which will be tagged)
  • The older one immortal or vampire is, the stronger he will be.
  • We will track the tag ywnverse (not seperated !)
  • Only Silas can change his appearance 
  • Elena got created through a different spell (Klaus’ Curse) but also does have a bond to Silas’ Spell aswell as Katherine
  • Important: The loophole contains of every doppelganger being dead in their own bloodline. If every doppelganger of someone’s line is dead (or made undead) the first of their kind (for example Silas) will be freed from the curse. After Bonnie opened the veil, the curse broke, making it possible for them to break free once their doppelgangers were (un)dead

Characters (Silas Era Immortals / Doppelgangers)

Amara / Katherine Pierce / Elena Gilbert

Cassia Caroline Forbes

Silas / Stefan Salvatore 

Daniel Damon Salvatore

Qetsiyah / Bonnie Bennett

_________ / Enzo

_________ / Tyler Lockwood

                     Jeremy Gilbert

                     Matt Donovan

_________ Elijah Mikaelson

_________ / Rebekah Mikaelson

_________ Kol Mikaelson

_________ Finn Mikaelson

_________ Aaron Mikaelson

_________ Henrik Mikaelson

_________ / Hayley Marshall

_________ Marcel Gerard

The (old) Alpha Pack

_________ / Niklaus Mikaelson

Dimitris (alpha) / Derek Hale

_________ / Isaac Lahey

_________ / Jackson Whittemore

_________ / Erica Reyes

_________ / Stiles Stilinski

_________ / Scott McCall

_________ / Allison Argent

_________ / Lydia Martin

_________ / Peter Hale

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for more infos about the pack and the village: go here

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