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        “Really now? And whose convinced ya on that reasoning? What a poor lad.” Spike frowned as the blonde male wanted an introduction. “The name’s Spike. And who are you oh broody one?”


❝Stefan.❞ The Salvatore’s response shortly lingered into utter amusement. ❝ Huh  what’s with the dogs’ name you got goin’ on?❞



                    ❝I assumed we were close enough for me to ask a favour.❞ A smile graced the blonde’s lips, head canted to the side.


                    Instead of breaking their eye contact, Rebekah moved closer; returning his teasing gaze with a challenging one, —her face barely inches away from his. 
 ❝Perhaps— spare some time of yours for a little sightseeing around this city? There must be a lot of changes after ninety years. Excluding you, of course. 

  A humorless laugh hummed between pressed lips.  He knew damn well that a favour stretched few miles high, when it came to the blonde Original.  That considered, Stefan played along; leaning inward with flirtatious expression in his bearing.


❝ Well, I would, but, I don’t exactly have free time to spare. Not til this little debt to Klaus `s all taken care of.

His suggestion danced around the facts of his service to Klaus.  Their objectives were solely focused on the missing necklace.  The one only he could locate, and intended to keep it that way.  Needless to say, Stefan easily benefitted from this detour, and stood well aware of that. 

Deviance flared in his gaze, as he Rebekah’s rebellious spirit. The girl with a taste for antics, and a blind spot to his ulterior motive. Sowe’ll probably have to do something about that first, hm?❞

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fromxupxthexroadxaways asked: "I thought you were dead!"

 Few months passed since the world started to fall. With the greater population silenced, all was left were this primitive existence of survivors.  

Survival meant more than sustenance; even for a vampire.  We were meant to exist with people. Now, in times of declining numbers, he’d no room for feasting on human blood.  Even in a time where the undead ruled a global hierarchy, his alliance straddled either side.  For the most part, Stefan was neutral.  Sparing every human he’d fed on; living day by day in search of answers.  

image  Stefan had once again, returned to what he now considered his homeland.  Or well, the sheltered land of familiar faces.

❝ Ah, not yet.
      — anything exciting happen while I was gone? ❞