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4-5/50 photos of Paul Wesley

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Who are you? 

We are creatures of the underworld. We can’t afford to love.

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"If you’re going to follow me home, you might as well walk beside me." Bonnie called out over her shoulder—a little irritated. Ever since she came back from the dead, Elena’s had her on some kind of watch and god—she’d never thought she’d want time by herself after being dead, but she really wanted it right now.

canon verse two amnesia!stefan

  Up until now, the amnesiac vampire hadn’t realized that his observing came off a tad stalkerish.  In theory, retaining unfamiliar faces had been exactly that; no depths for further pondering. — Once Stefan had actually spotted Bonnie, it was then, his curiosities begun prompting new thoughts. For instance, what kind of people had he previously associated with?

   ❝yeah — sorry for that.❞ When caught up to pace alongside the brunette, Stefan then remembered he weren’t the only one caught up in this freak-of-nature madness.  

❝ Err- Bonnie, right❞ Stefan’s tone displayed that he’d been in an introductory position.  ❝The ‘living dead girl’❞  Despite sensitivities surrounding the two victims, he saw no reason to remain discomforted.



word of advice: dont meet tumblr friends irl bc they’re better than everyone u know irl and u’ll want to cry bc u cant live with them


truth right here. you could probably get away with living here forever so think about it !!!


Tyler Lockwood Week 2014: Day 1 - Why you love Tyler.

I’m not letting a hunter stop me from where I’m supposed to be.

I want to highlight, not only Tyler’s strength but his courage. His ability to stand up for himself and what he believes in, is what I love most about him. He doesn’t bow down to others and their beliefs. He won’t follow the crowd, because that’s not him. He will always stand up and do what needs to be done no matter what and that is one of the bravest acts you could do.



Give us five random things about yourself and pass it on.
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1. A ghost has been lurking around the place I work, and it freaks me out. I don’t even want to use their bathroom LMFAO.  

2.  I hate mice. The thought of anything crawling on me while I’m asleep is probably one of my biggest fears.

3.  Almost Famous is my favorite movie

4.  I have no respect for people who would rather sit around complaining, instead of taking some initiative to solve their problems.   

5.  Weenis stayed at my house for 10 days this month, and I wish she could come back to my apt today tbh. real struggle is the fact we aren’t roommates. 

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♕ Ten different quirks the character has: 

  • When passing a mirror, Stefan almost always catches a quick glimpse at his hair/appearance.
  • Remarkable memory, particularly with personal close-held values. Not just any information applies. Stefan’s memory will only hold details of his life. Important dates, faces, names.  Strongly built on a foundation based on events of the past, and he’s always connecting the pieces.  This constant mind activity sustains the uncanny abilities of his inner world.  
  • Stefan never carries small change.
  • Messy eater when feeding on human blood.
  • Secretly derives from the torture inflicted on other people.  He won’t admit to this pleasure, and claims it was simply just a phase, once upon a time.  However, his most fulfilling experiences were with victims who’d suffered a sense of helplessness. The same way Katherine restricted him of free will. It’s a twisted form of therapy, and he doesn’t even know it.
  • Easily distracted during conversation. Less likely if one-on-one.
  • Early riser
  • Has a collection of nearly any/every key to his past places of residence.  
  • Suffers a low level of Merinthophobia ( Fear of being bound, tied up ). Traumas from past occurrences have stayed with him/haunted throughout the span of his vampire life.  Also effects his fear in loss of control.
  • Struggles when it comes to answering personal questions directly.