Dedicated to my babe.

Dedicated to my babe.

TVD Season 6 Promos

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paulvedere: Mayweather fight- Vegas- Who’s the third wheel here?


paulvedere: Mayweather fight- Vegas- Who’s the third wheel here?

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       This was getting utterly ridiculous. Plus he was different than other vampires he had met before. “I do love to hear myself chat, broody. Don’t you though? I would say so with how much bloody drama comes out of your mouth. —And I do have some friends demons to be exact, nothing that would interest ‘ya blonde self. Probably would scare the hell out of someone like you,” he mocked.



  In turn of Spike’s countered commentary, the Salvatore vampire chuckled lightly, and conveying rather admittedly.  Soon after, Stefan’s amusement continued in hand with the stranger’s additional mentions.  He put efforts to prevent a break of laughter, as Spike finished; facial features curved with an air of patronizing sarcasm.  ❝Wow, look at you!  Hot shot in the building tonight.❞  

The obvious ridicule with Stefan’s voice now lowered in tone.  ❝Might be overdoing it a smidge.  Y’know, with the whole ‘I have friends’ gig?❞  



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ask-cockyripper-douche I just can’t stop crying

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Green Eyes” is Ernesto’s song for Paul, no doubt

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[ true blood verse ]

Caroline was a quick study in vampire politics.  She had to be as the progeny of one of sheriffs of Louisiana.  Mainly, she needed the knowledge when it came to events like the one they were going to this evening.  So she could impress those who needed impressing.  Regardless of why, she was glad to be back in the city where she had died and become vampire.


Her gaze was on her maker as she watched him play the role the AVL wanted him to play tonight.  Amusement marked her smile at the sight.  Her attention was taken for a few brief moments by one of the guests who bored her immensely with talk of how far vampires had come since coming out of the coffin a few years ago.  Spotting her maker coming towards her, she excused herself from the conversation to approach him.  ”And I was just beginning to have fun,” she replied sarcastically as she took the offered drink.  Sipping on her drink, she adjusted her statement.  ”I can’t complain too much.  They’ve improved the taste of TrueBlood with this wine and you look fantastic tonight.  So all in all, it could be worse,” she commented with a playful wink.


  ❝Wow, cooperation  and  a compliment. I almost believe you.❞ Stefan joked in simultaneous clink of their toasting glass. Aside from the fascist members of the Authority, no vampire actually wanted to be here. Tonight was all about posing a friendly face for Vampire Rights and various campaigns.  Too tacky for Stefan’s tastes.  In spite of dragging responsibilities, he spared a brief moment in recognizing Caroline’s contrasting experience. A baby vamp still in her true youth had perhaps, an inch of genuine enthusiasm for trivial vampire affairs. An inch more than the majority of vampires occupying the venue, at least.  For that, he suddenly felt inclined to prop their night with a change of play.

Stefan finished what was left in his flute.  ❝What d’you say we hit that open bar? I see a few humans who’re just a few rounds away from very generous donations, And owe a certain someone, a trick or two in playing someone.❞ They may have possessed the power to glamour susceptible minds, but the world was much more thrilling when you obtained that power with words.

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           It was too risky to call Elijah, too risky to try and contact Marcel
           in any way… Rebekah hadn’t had opportunity to say her good-
           byes to anyone, nor was she sure she ever would. From Mikael, 
           she had simply followed her brothers. Occasionally she had put
           forward a suggestion, somewhere in particular she was dying
           to see, but when it came to running, it was usually Rebekah who
           had put them in the most trouble of being found.

                                                  She didn’t even know if she was being chased.  The
                                                  vampiress hadn’t stopped to find out. If he caught her,
                                                  he’d kill her. Never once before had Rebekah believed
                                                  her brother capable of such a thing to her, but a change
                                                  in circumstances had left her convinced it was the fate
                                                  which awaited her.

           She couldn’t be alone. She’d never been alone in her life. &
           not only had she found herself utterly alone, cut off from all
           she loved, but she was on the run again — the one thing she
           swore to herself she had seen the last of. Ninety years ago
           she had been d a g g e r e d for her refusal to run when 
           death was eminent. 

                                          It was amazing how much perceptions changed
                                          as the threat did. 

           She couldn’t be alone. Left to her own devices and she’d 
           find herself dead, long before Klaus ever caught up to her. 
           The woman who found herself on Stefan’s doorstep was
           a stranger, blue eyes wide with paranoia, hair unstyled
           and…. windswept; a ghost of a proud woman with no idea
           what she was doing, no idea how to do anything.

                                             ❝ S t e f a n ,
                                                 it’s me. Don’t ignore me.

                                                                             Please. ❞

                     For once, apparently, the vampiress was not above begging.


  Always in the comfort of his own company, Stefan was beginning to spend more and more days like a real homebody.  Of course, his behavior was not that of someone who were in good health.  However, isolating himself made it all too easy to pass the time inside his own thoughts.  

Particular musings as of late —leaving. He’d come to this town with a plan, and unrealistic desires.  Mystic Falls had now occupied past memories, and they were far from pain.  To think that he could escape into another world had been where he’d gone wrong.  

Identifying the silver lining on this dark cloud were perhaps, the only way to make something of all this time spent back in his hometown.  Stefan experienced significant growth throughout this interval of a lifetime. Impacting change that had touched to some of his deepest parts.  And the more he thought about getting his own life? It truly was beginning to feel  r i g h t.

 Just hitting nightfall, the younger Salvatore’s daydreaming had come to a halt — at the unexpected behest of an old friend.  The vampire responded to the sudden noise behind the front door; He set off from his place in the den, making way down the hall.  Just as Stefan set foot into the entrance foyer, he encountered a startle to just the very acknowledge of Rebekah.  Whilst quickly drawing their front door, he’d fully comprehended the apprehension accompanying her.  Which brought him to greet the Original with an expression of concern. ❝Rebekah ?❞ he blurted aloud, as if the surprise dawned upon him then and there. In unison, he silently cross-examined her physical condition before extending the door wide open.  ❝What happened?❞  Just then, Stefan motioned with insistence that she step inside.